Kick-start Numero Dos

I started this blog as part of a digital media class I took last spring quarter. The goal was to select a topic we were passionate about, stick to it for 10 weeks and collect a certain amount of views (1000 I believe). Thanks to all of you I successfully reached that goal! Thank you for clicking!

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Eleven fun and cheap (or free) summer activities for kids

Summer is here! For kids that means entire mornings of cartoons, lazy afternoons and the beginning of the school year so far away it seems like it will never arrive. For adults it means trying to find a way to keep the kids entertained. Unfortunately, entertainment doesn’t come cheap. In fact its taxin’.

So as a college student/aunt/not millionaire I’ve found 11 things to do with kids this summer that won’t break the piggy bank. (Spoiler: Most are free.) Continue reading

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce and Turkey Meatballs

By the way it tastes better than it looks ;)

Its as good as it looks 😉

Cooking with kids is an experience for the brave and patient. Preparing anything will take twice as long when little hands are involved and spills are bound to happen. So, I have to be honest and say that for the most part I keep them out of my cooking space. (I am one of those anal cooks that likes to have the kitchen to themselves…it’s pretty bad.)

The one thing that we do cook together are pancakes, the room for errors is slim and they love tasting the batter. Plus, cooking helps build children’s self-esteem and is a great way for pre-schoolers to explore with their senses.

But cooking only pancakes gets old and by now they’ve mastered the beating part so we’ve moved on to grander things: Spaghetti & Meatballs.

If you are feeling brave or just want to enjoy a delicious plate of spaghetti here is a recipe I adapted from the cookbook “How To Boil Water.”

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Upcycling plastic Easter eggs


After Easter there are two major dilemmas: one how many chocolate eggs and peeps can a person eat before noticeably gaining weight and two what to do with all those plastic egg shells.

While I haven’t figured out the answer to the first, I took some time to figure out the second. Continue reading

Proof that we are related to apes

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When I call my niece a little monkey, I don’t mean it as a term of endearment. I say it because sometimes she acts like a monkey. She doesn’t fling feces or anything of that nature, but she is great at snatching and stashing things with ninja stealth. Leave out lip-gloss, gum, candy of any type, a cup with some coffee or a phone, turn around for a minute…Nay! Ten seconds…and SHAZAM it’s gone. All you can hear is the quick paddling of little feet accompanied by a little laugh of relief.

My only fear is that she will end up joining a pack of raiding monkeys
or become a highly persecuted master thief. True, she probably won’t end up doing either of those but still her skills and the delight she takes in hiding my stuff with the rest of her “treasures” makes me wonder.

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The perks of being an Aunt (or Uncle)

I am a single aunt. In my book that should be an acceptable answer to relationship status questions.

Before my 6 year-old nephew and my 4 year-old niece were born I never imagined I could love endless snot and sticky hands so much. I mean why would I love these little strangers? To what benefit? But somehow it happened; I fell for their tiny hands like a sucker. I fell in head-over-heels. I didn’t foresee how luring their warmth and outlandish humor would be. Another thing I didn’t foresee was how awesome being an aunt (or uncle) is and all the perks it comes with.

For starters, being an aunt or uncle doesn’t come with the downfalls of being a parent. By that I mean paying for diapers, formula, medicine, haircuts. You know all the expensive nonessentials. It does come with all the rewards though. You get to buy toys, play with play-doh and relive childhood. Hop on swings, be a complete goof in public and see them grow.

Portrait of me by my nephew. The resemblance is uncanny.

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