Kick-start Numero Dos

I started this blog as part of a digital media class I took last spring quarter. The goal was to select a topic we were passionate about, stick to it for 10 weeks and collect a certain amount of views (1000 I believe). Thanks to all of you I successfully reached that goal! Thank you for clicking!

Then the class ended, I thought I would continue blogging but summer hit hard and researching, planning and writing fell to the wayside.

I selected aunthood or aunting (not a word, I know), because it’s something I am passionate about, I spend about 20 out of 24 hour with two kids that constantly make me tear up. Sometimes out of joy, others with laughter, occasionally out of pain (kids heads and elbows are pretty dangerous) and every now and then out of frustration. My life is so much richer because of them. I’ve grown in ways I don’t think I could have without them. While it might be a little ridiculous and sound too mushy for comfort I couldn’t love any child more.

Blogging about the process for me was a way to capture moments, become a better aunt/caregiver/co-parent. I had fun trying new activities and researching them and didn’t feel guilty about it because somehow blogging about it made them purposeful.

So, here I am. Trying to kick-start this blog again. I don’t know where the blog is going exactly but I do know that it isn’t just for aunts, it’s also for uncles (obviously) and parents and babysitters and big sisters and grandparents and anyone who spends time with kids and enjoys it.

I hope you’ll stick around!

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