5 adult-friendly kid movies on Netflix

Poster by DreamWorks / Retrieved from movieweb.com

Poster by DreamWorks / Retrieved from movieweb.com

The Croods (2013)
PG  1 hr 38 min  IMDB: 7.3/10  RT: 78%
Directed by Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders

It is colorful, action packed and funny enough to entertain kids and adults alike. “The Croods” is about family, curiosity and the limitations of living in fear. It follows the Croods, a family of cave people, on their quest to find a new cave and adapt to their changing world.

The stellar cast of voices is an added bonus for adults. Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Cloris Leachman do a fine job at bringing these characters to life.




Film poster retrieved from criterion.com

Film poster retrieved from criterion.com

The Red Balloon (1956)
Approved  34 min  IMDB: 8/10  RT: 95%
Directed by Albert Lamorisse

“The Red Balloon” is magical and entertaining in a way few children’s films are. This Oscar winning short is about the friendship that develops between a boy and a red balloon. It is mostly silent, in French and not nearly as action packed as most kids movies, still my niece and nephew were glued to their seats for the entire 34 minutes. This film is a very welcomed break for kids and adults alike. I loved the color scheme and the nostalgic feel for childhood this film causes. I did have to interpret the subtitles for them but that’s no big deal.


Movie Poster Retrieved from Highlandernews.org

Movie Poster Retrieved from Highlandernews.org


Penelope (2006)
PG  1 hr 44min  IMDB: 6.9/10  RT: 73%
Directed by Mark Palansky

A twist on the classic princess searching for love story, “Penelope” is about (surprise) Penelope a pig nosed girl of blue-blood linage. To get rid of her nose she has to find someone who accepts as she is. So this would seem to be the typical quest for the loving, kind, handsome prince charming but it turns out to be about self-love: accepting ourselves whole, pig nose and all. I am hoping that if we watch movies that promote self-love then that thinking might stick in their subconscious.



Poster retrieved from impawards.com

Poster retrieved from impawards.com

Hugo (2011)
PG  2hrs 6min  IMDB: 7.6/10  RT: 94%
Directed by Martin Scorsese

Hugo is an orphan secretly living in the clock tower of a busy parisian train station. In his quest to uncover the mystery his father left behind, he meets Isabelle the goddaughter of  George Méliès. The message of this movie is about belonging, creativity and the pursuit of dreams. Scorsese has crafted a wholesome movie for kids and adults alike. Although the adults might enjoy it a bit more. For cinephiles it is also a great treat especially the scenes that show the making of the iconic short “A Trip to the Moon.”



Poster retrieved from collider.com

Poster retrieved from collider.com

The Lorax (2012)
PG  1hrs 26min  IMDB: 6.5/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 64%
Directed by Chris Renaud & Kyle Balda

I must admit I am biased towards anything Dr. Seuss. The movie is not 100 percent true to the book but the message is still the same: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” The little ones will enjoy this film  for it’s colorful aesthetics and wacky characters. And adults will enjoy the voices of Betty White, Taylor Swift, Zac Effron, and Danny DeVitto. Along with it’s criticism of corporate society and our tendency to ease the symptoms instead of treating the problem. Musical numbers are a bit cheesy but musical numbers usually are.


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