An Easter Message


I believe there isn’t a right religion to follow or a right name to call God by. There is only something bigger than us, that encourages to be better. What we call it doesn’t matter Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, God, Love, Waheguru, Brahman, Humanity, Mother Nature. It’s a matter of choice. For that reason I don’t share what I hear in church or promote my beliefs but since today’s message was about happiness and being alive I figured it was universal.

Now it is so much easier to maintain composure, to keep it cool, to protect our ego but in doing so we are renouncing to joy and life. We are living halfheartedly and constantly wondering why we feel so half-empty.  So, let us not stay in the tomb. Let us show we are alive. (Because if you are reading this you are alive.) Let’s clap and sing and dance. Be foolish and completely alive.

Happy Easter!



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