Proof that we are related to apes

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When I call my niece a little monkey, I don’t mean it as a term of endearment. I say it because sometimes she acts like a monkey. She doesn’t fling feces or anything of that nature, but she is great at snatching and stashing things with ninja stealth. Leave out lip-gloss, gum, candy of any type, a cup with some coffee or a phone, turn around for a minute…Nay! Ten seconds…and SHAZAM it’s gone. All you can hear is the quick paddling of little feet accompanied by a little laugh of relief.

My only fear is that she will end up joining a pack of raiding monkeys
or become a highly persecuted master thief. True, she probably won’t end up doing either of those but still her skills and the delight she takes in hiding my stuff with the rest of her “treasures” makes me wonder.

I promise she looks like this when she eats candy:

Okay she looks a lot cuter and more human but she eats it with the same amount of joy. At the end of the day I am grateful to have her around. I’ve always wanted a little monkey.

*For more wacky monkey mischievousness you should watch this or this one of a baby chimpanzee or this one about drunk monkeys.

Happy Tuesday!


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